Uwezo Fund Disburses Cheques To Empower Groups

Uwezo Fund disbursed cheques worth a total of Sh 740,000 to deserving youth and women groups in Bomet County.

The event, graced by the Bomet Central Assistant County Commissioner Rose Mirition on behalf of the area Deputy County Commissioner, marked a significant step towards empowering local communities and fostering economic growth.

The issuance of the Sh 740,000 in cheques implies a commitment from the government’s Bottom Up Transformation Agenda (BETA) to supporting small-scale businesses, women’s groups, and youth initiatives.

The Uwezo Fund aims to uplift these community projects, enabling them to thrive and contribute to the local economy.

Through initiatives like the Uwezo Fund, underrepresented communities are given the tools they need to succeed and prosper.

Director Japhet Turgut expressed his enthusiasm about the impact of the Uwezo Fund on grassroots initiatives, stating, ‘This initiative is a game-changer for these groups, providing them with the financial resources needed to realize their
full potential’.

‘Empowerment starts with a single act of financial and training support from the government. The ripple effect of support can transform lives and communities,’ explained Rugut.

By providing financial assistance to grassroots groups, the Uwezo Fund not only empowers individuals but also spurs economic growth at the community level. The impact of these funds goes beyond monetary value, igniting a sense of hope and determination among beneficiaries.

With the support of the Uwezo Fund, local initiatives have the opportunity to flourish and make a tangible difference in their communities.

Funds issued on this remarkable day serve as a beacon of progress and a testament to the power of collective empowerment.

Since its inception, the Fund has disbursed more than Sh7.2 billion countrywide and directly supported 1,124,221 beneficiaries of which 69% are female and 31% male through the provision of affordable and accessible credit, capacity building on entrepreneurship skills, basics on bookkeepin
g and market linkages and networking.

Source: Kenya News Agency