Uutoni Calls for Enhanced Local Authority Efficiency in Namibia

Windhoek – Erastus Uutoni, the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, has emphasized the need for local authorities, including the City of Windhoek, to rely more on their permanent employees instead of outsourcing municipal functions to external agencies. This call was made amidst concerns over the management of municipal duties.

According to Namibian Press Agency (NAMPA), Speaking on Tuesday, Uutoni highlighted the prevalent practice among municipalities, such as contracting debt collection agencies, which has led to dissatisfaction among residents. He questioned the reliance on agencies when municipal councils like Windhoek have sufficient manpower. Uutoni’s comments came during a ceremony where he handed over 53 new houses in Windhoek’s Greenwell Matongo area under the Informal Settlement Upgrading Project.

Additionally, the minister expressed concern over the repossession of houses built under the project, attributing this partly to the impatience of debt collectors. Nestor Kalola, Samora Machel Councillor, confirmed that some homeowners are facing repossession due to repayment challenges.

In response, Moses Matyayi, CEO of the City of Windhoek, acknowledged the minister’s points but noted the complexities involved in local government operations, stressing the balancing act required in service delivery.