Twenty-five girls participate in Efundula

Twenty-five young women from northern Namibia and southern Angola are taking part in a traditional initiation process at Omunyekadi village in the Ohangwena Region from 22 to 24 November 2023.

According to the event organiser, Meekulu Mukwanambwa (real name Ndatoolomba Kandilinganye) who is also an Omufukiki (guide to the girls), the purpose of the event is to bring together Namibian cultural and heritage lovers to experience local intangible heritage through traditional wedding ceremonies, including dancing, singing and music.

‘Efundula as it is commonly known is a traditional wedding ceremony which has been practiced by Ovakwanyama rural people in the northern part of Namibia and southern Angola for years,’ she said.

Mukwanambwa said she has been doing this for a decade now and was taught by her late husband to carry out traditional activities.

‘Girls from 15 to 20 years old are our main target, we teach them how to be responsible women,’ said Mukwanambwa.

She further said she is not bothered by the s
mall number of girls taking part this year, noting that additional girls always come on board once the event has started.

‘Last year we registered 20 girls but during the event, more and more girls started joining and we finished with around 55 girls,’ she said.

Mukwanambwa said that once the girls go through this process, they could eventually ‘get their loved ones.’

Source: The Namibian Press Agency