Teen allegedly rapes woman after buying her alcohol

A 19-year-old allegedly raped a 24-year-old woman after buying her and two other friends alcohol at Omuntele village in the Oshikoto Region.

The Namibian Police Force crime investigations coordinator in the region, Deputy Commissioner Titus Ekandjo on Sunday said the incident happened on Friday around 20h00.

‘It is alleged that the suspect was with the victim at the Omuntele location together with her two other female friends, then the suspect bought alcohol and they drank together and while drinking, one of the ladies told the victim that the suspect wanted to talk to her,’ reported Ekandjo.

He said that after a short while the victim went to the toilet, and the suspect followed her into the toilet where the victim was rescued by two men who were present there.

‘After that, the suspect, victim, and two female friends went on their way home till they reached the victim’s house and the victim went into the house and collected cooked beans and gave them to the suspect and friends,’ reported Ekandjo.

He sai
d the two friends left but the suspect remained behind, after that he grabbed the victim but she overpowered him and fled and the suspect chased the victim up to the neighbours’ mahangu field.

‘The suspect grabbed her again, stripped off his clothes, and laid her on the ground and the victim screamed for help but nobody came to her rescue and the suspect managed to have sexual intercourse with the victim under coercive circumstances,’ reported Ekandjo.

The victim afterwards ran into the neighbour’s house to report the matter.

It is further alleged that the suspect offered to pay her N.dollars 200 to have sex with her.

It is also alleged that the suspect bit her on the cheek and arm whereby she sustained open wounds.

The suspect was arrested and he will appear before the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court on Monday on a charge of rape and assault as the investigation continues.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency