Stock Exchange Business grows 60.20% and registers a AKZ 1.5 billion record

Luanda – The Angolan Debt and Stock Exchange (Bodiva) handled 1.5 billion kwanzas in 2022, a volume of transactions considered “record”, with 5,746 deals being carried out in the markets.

The movement of securities had a 60.20% increase compared to the same period last year, according to the annual report presented this Thursday, at the BODIVA’s IV Forum edition 2023.

In each quarter, an average value of 391.2 billion kwanzas was traded, according to the document presented by the Bodiva’s executive director, Odair Costa.

The highest peak of negotiations was registered in the third quarter, with a movement of 606.31 billion kwanzas.

With a quarterly average of 1,437 transactions, there was an increase of 6.01% compared to the same period of the previous year.

By market segment, around 63.26% were trades carried out in a multilateral environment and around 36.74% bilaterally, with a tendency for investors to taking preference on the multilateral environment.

In terms of business, the annual average between 2016 and 2022 was 38.80%.

Of the amount traded by year of maturity, compared to previous periods, there is a greater concentration in securities with residual maturity of up to 3 years.

As an example, bonds maturing up to 2026 represent 77.92% of the amount traded in 2022.

Treasury Bonds (OT) registered a total of 4,643 trades, equivalent to 80.80% of total trades, while Treasury Bills (BT) stood at just 0.17%.

In terms of private securities, Shares represent, in the aforementioned period 16.95% and Participation Units 2.07%.

By type of security, Non-Adjustable Bonds – OT-NT (72.27%) predominate, with greater appetite from institutional and private investors regarding to Treasury Bonds Linked to Exchange Rate -OT-TX (18.90 %), Bonds in Foreign Currency – OT-ME (3.83%), Shares (1.56%), OT-BT (021%), Treasury Bills (0.15%) and Shares (0.07%).

In 2022, five members had the best performance in the amount traded in 2022, out of a total of 25 intermediation agents. These are Fomento Angola Bank (BFA), BAI Bank, Standard Bank Angola (SBA), Millennium Atlântico bank (BMA) and BPC bank.

Transactions from these top five places at the level of trading and settlement members account for around 63.73%.

Of the total, BFA holds a market share of 23.52%, with 625.01 billion kwanzas handled, in 2022, while BAI comes in second with a share of 17.70%, with 470.35 thousand million kwanzas transacted.

In terms of sectors, financial institutions were the ones most traded in the buying position, with a total of 172.15 billion kwanzas, Kz 93 billion from companies in the wholesale and retail trade sector.

In the case of sellers, the industry sector leads with 99.98 billion, followed by wholesale and retail trade with Kz 83.52 billion.

According to Odair Costa, the year 2022 was marked in the history of the markets, as the period in which the Equity Market was implemented, the admission to trading of the issuers of BAI and Banco Caixa Geral Angola bank (BCGA).

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)