Stakeholders advocate tree planting to mitigate effects of climate change

Save the Children International (SCI), an NGO, alongside other stakeholders in the environmental sector, says there is need to imbibe the culture of tree planting to mitigate the effects of climate change.

They stakeholders made the call at the Climate and Sensitisation Activity and Tree planting exercise to celebrate the World Environment Day on Tuesday in Abuja.

The programme was organised by SCI Nigeria under its Children’s Generation Hope Campaign, in partnership with Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), at Junior Secondary School ,Piwoyi Community, FCT.

According to Mr Ifedilichukwu Innocent, Advocacy Campaign Policy Manager, SCI, the effect of climate change is on the rise and children bear the brunt of it most.

Innocent said that as a child-centred organisation, SCI designed its programmes around health, nutrition, livelihood, climate change and others and works towards protecting children.

‘We are happy as an organisation to be part of this year’s tree planting working with government an
d other stakeholders.

‘We are using this opportunity to also encourage school children to also be part of the tree planting.

‘What that is doing is helping them to know is that they have to work hard to safeguard the environment.

‘So we are happy that the children are adding their voices and participating in planting these trees,’ he said.

Innocent said that there were lots of benefits associated with tree planting ranging from health to economic, among others.

He added that the action informed children about their environment and helped them to work towards safeguarding it.

Innocent encouraged Nigerians to imbibe the culture of tree planting to promote green environment and tackle climate change.

Ms Rebecca Mamven, Deputy Director Environmental Management Department, AEPB, said the theme for 2024 World Environment Day was ‘Land Restoration, Rehabilitation and Drought Resilience.’

Mamven explained that AEPB’s purpose was to sensitise communities to seeks ways to restore the land back from degradation
and stop desertification.

She added that the board was also working to promote drought resilience with planting of different types of trees and plants.

‘In the north especially, we experience drought a lot; so, we are here to celebrate this day with our children and to teach them how to address these things,’ she said.

Mrs Pauline Nwagugu, Deputy Director, Education and Principal, Junior Secondary school Piwoyi, commended the stakeholders for bringing the tree planting project to the school.

Nwagugu said she was a lover of green environment and had been plating tress in the school since she was transferred there.

She, however, expressed gratitude that the students were being carried along to promote green environment and assured the group of the school’s commitment to sustaining the project.

The Chief of Piwoyi, Tanko Bahago, said the idea of planting trees in communities and schools was a welcome development.

Tanko said that the community had plans to plant trees around but was waiting for the rainy s
eason to do that.

‘By planting trees on this day, we actively contribute to the preservation of our environment and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come,” he said.

He thanked the stakeholders for the initiative and for remembering his community for such a laudable project.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria