Sports fraternity mourns Geingob

OPUWO: Namibia’s sports fraternity has joined the rest of the country in mourning the loss of President Hage Gottfried Geingob, expressing their condolences to the great leader and sports enthusiast who died Sunday morning in Windhoek.

Sports federations and association stakeholders including veteran sports journalists, have expressed their feelings and spoke of his strong support for the development of sports in the country, particularly football, rugby and cricket, where he encouraged people to work hard in all sectors for the benefit of themselves and the country as a whole.

The president died at the age of 82 while undergoing medical care at a hospital in the capital, Windhoek.

Geingob, a veteran of the country’s independence struggle, was diagnosed with cancer and announced the news to the public last month.

Interim secretary general of the Namibia Football Association, Jochen Traut, told Nampa in an interview on Sunday that Geingob’s death has saddened sports fans in the country, particularly footba
ll fans, of which he was a patron for over 20 years, describing him as the country’s number one supporter of sporting activities. Traut further stated that the football mother body intends to keep the Dr Hage Geingob Cup alive in his memory.

‘Geingob was the most ardent fan of the Namibian national football team in the local sporting society,’ said Traut.

Following the president’s death, the NFA declared the immediate stoppage of all football events in the country until further notice.

President of Cricket Namibia, Dr Rudie van Vuuren also spoke with Nampa. He was the late President Geingob’s personal physician.

Van Vuuren characterised Geingob as a remarkable man who was unfailingly supportive of national sports.

According to Van Vuuren, Namibian sport lost an icon in Geingob, whose legacy is tremendous and should be preserved, notably through the Dr Hage Geingob Cup.

He went on to say that Geingob was a delightful man, and as his doctor for over 15 years, the death came as a shock and a big loss.

eran sports journalist Carlos Kambaekwa mirrored Van Vuuren’s comments, saying that Geingob was more than just Namibia football’s patron; he was a father figure to him.

‘He did a lot for Namibian sports, even during his times as minister,’ he stated.

Kambaekwa described Geingob as an outstanding man who encouraged him to create a book about Namibian football history, saying he will sadly now not be around to see this desire and legacy fulfilled.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency