Speak out, don’t end own life: |Ui|o|oo

Deputy Minister for Disability Affairs and Marginalised Communities, Royal Johan Kxao |Ui|o|oo, has urged men never to take their own lives, no matter how hard things might become for them.

|Ui|o|oo made this request during the 3rd National Men Conference held at Ondangwa in the Oshana Region on Friday.

According to |Ui|o|oo, if matters get any worse men should always talk to someone, go and report the case and allow the law to take itscourse.

‘Let us seek help when going through disappointments, rejection, or any other situation that we find ourselves in,’ he said.

|Ui|o|oo added that he is confident that as men, they can strive for a culture of non-violence. And they can resolve conflict with no violence.

He indicated that according to reports a total of 679 suicides took place in Namibia within a period of 17 months. Out of this number, 559 were men, representing 82 per cent of total suicides. The total number of suicides among women totalled 120.

This, |Ui|o|oo said, is a matter of serious concern.

Meanwhile the Namibian Correctional Service North Western and Eastern Regional Commissioner Eliakim Shikongo, stated that only 20 correctional officers at NCS reportedly have either been subjected to, or are victims of gender-based violence.

Shikongo indicated that there is a reluctance in reporting GBV cases among correctional officers.

He stressed that the issue of masculinity is one that particularly in Namibia has been associated with wrong beliefs that have led to devastating consequences such as suicides, passion killings and even men-on-men murders.

Speaking at the same occasion, Oshana Governor Elia Irimari indicated that addressing issues of mental health in the context of GBV is a crucial aspect of this conference.

‘As men, we either find ourselves to be victims or perpetrators of gender-based violence, often bearing the heavy burden of trauma and emotional distress,’ he said.

Irimari added that this conference creates a space where these issues can be openly discussed, encouraging men to seek
support without stigmatisation and promoting mental wellbeing.

Source: Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA)