Six Computer Stars Tournament Set to Kickoff in Kunene Region

Warmquelle, Kunene Region – The fifth annual Six Computer Stars football and netball tournament is scheduled to take place this weekend at the Nine Tjivinde Sports Field in Warmquelle, Kunene Region. The event promises to showcase local sports talent and provide a platform for regional commerce.

According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), the tournament’s objective is to foster sports development at the grassroots level and to display latent talent within the region. “We aim to harness the potential of local sports talent and offer opportunities for young people, thereby also reducing crime during the holiday season as they engage in sports,” he said. The tournament welcomes teams from across the country, with no outside sponsorships involved.

Despite the lack of external funding, the tournament is supported by team management and fans. It is expected to attract over 26 netball and football teams. The total funds raised for the event amount to N.dollars 32,000, with N.dollars 27,000 allocated to football and the remaining N.dollars 5,000 for the top three netball teams.

Participating football teams are required to pay a registration fee of N.dollars 1,700, while netball teams pay N.dollars 600. Prizes include N.dollars 2,500 and a trophy for the netball winner, N.dollars 1,500 for the runner-up, and N.dollars 1,000 for the third-placed team. The winning football team will receive N.dollars 13,000 and a trophy, with N.dollars 7,000 for the runner-up and N.dollars 3,500 for each of the semi-final losers. Additional awards will be given for the top goal scorer, player of the tournament, and best goalie.