Show more commitment to your children’s education, VC urges parents

Vice-Chancellor of Trinity University, Yaba, Lagos, Prof. Clement Kolawole, has urged parents to show more commitment to the general activities of their children in their academic pursuit.

Kolawole in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), said this would go a long way in enhancing their children’s success in their studies.

According to him, it is not enough to pay their children’s tuition and provide other requirements; parents must also check their activities.

He said that aside the major requirements, such as school fees, personal needs and other academic materials, parents should pay attention to the behaviours, attitudes and academic performances of their children.

‘This is more realistic and obtainable in private universities like ours, and the idea is for us school management and parents to work together to help these young minds to achieve their potentials.

‘We expect parents to link up with us so that we can work together to monitor, get the students on the right track and focus on
the reasons they are here on campus.

‘I have some parents that call me from to time to make inquiries about their children’s academic performances and behaviours on campus; that is the collaboration we are soliciting for.

‘On our part, we try to monitor the students and where we find any form of misbehaviour, we invite their parents to relate to them before sanctioning them, and some parents will be shocked,’ he said.

According to the vice-chancellor, students must know their obligations and rights, and be expressive. They must also ensure that they portray and uphold the good image of the institution.

‘We encourage them to open up where they are having difficulties, even among their peers, because some of them hide to do some funny things.

‘With such information, we will be able to respond swiftly,’ he said.

Kolawole, however, identified financial constraints as the major challenge facing the institution, adding that the management had been working within the limited resources available.

He said that
in spite of the challenges, the institution still allowed payment by installments from parents, irrespective of the courses and the stipulated fees.

According to him, the institution has facilities to accommodate about 85 per cent of the students on campus, adding that management is working within the limit of its resources so as not to add to the financial burden.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria