Shortage Of Supplies Looms In Garissa Due To Paralyzed Transport

Garissa residents are facing imminent supply shortages which is likely to increase prices of basic commodities following closure of the Garissa – Madogo highway as a result of flooding caused by the ongoing rains.

Since Friday evening, transport along the four – kilometre stretch has been paralyzed making it impossible for people and vehicles to enter or exit Garissa town to Nairobi.

Being the gateway to the larger North eastern region, all travellers to Wajir and Mandera through this route are also stranded at Madogo town.

This is the third time that this road stretch has hampered movement is the area since the road was destroyed by El Nino rains in December last year.

The affected areas are the Tana River bridge surroundings, Mororo and Kona Punda, where temporary diversions had been set awaiting full repairs.

The Kenya National Highway Authority through its social media sites has already announced the closure of the road and warned the citizens to be cautious and wait for the waters to subside before
making crossing attempts.

‘KeNHA wishes to inform the public that the road section between Garissa and Madogo is CLOSED to all road users until the water levels subside to safe levels and restoration works on damaged sections completed,’ a statement from the roads agency on social media handles read.

Garissa county Commissioner Mohamed Mwabudzo has called on the motorists and pedestrians to avoid crossing through flood waters and at the same time called on those living along River Tana to move to higher grounds.

Source: Kenya News Agency