Science subjects training underway in Zambezi

KATIMA MULILO: Eighty-nine teachers from the Zambezi Region are receiving training in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics this week.

Zambezi Regional Education Director Josty Kawana welcomed the training which started Monday and concludes on Friday, and which trains science teachers to be confident in practical teaching.

‘This training is going to expose us to do our practicals in terms of critical work and to capacitate us even further in the areas our teachers still need to be capacitated in. We are fortunate to have this programme,’ Kawana stated.

The training workshop which is being conducted by the Education, Arts and Culture Directorate in the Zambezi Region is made possible with the assistance of Risk-Based Solutions through Dr Sindila Mwiya.

‘Education is the greatest equaliser and if we can 100 per cent empower our science and maths teachers, then you get the benefit of producing the best learners who will become the knowledgeable and well-equipped leaders of tomorrow,’ Mwiya emphasised.

e further insisted that training such as this is vital as it provides support to the teachers as they also get cutting-edge understanding of new concepts and new ways of doing things.

The 89 selected teachers are from all secondary schools in the Zambezi Region who are responsible for science and maths.

They are being trained by lecturers from the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) under the leadership of Professor Sylvanus Onjefu.

This is the second time the training is being offered.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency