Rundu ‘prophet’ makes first appearance on fraud charges

The self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ at Rundu, 32-year-old Jafet Johannes who was arrested by the police on Wednesday on numerous charges of fraud and money laundering, made his first appearance in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

Cases were reportedly opened against him by several people whom he allegedly scammed.

Johannes appeared before Magistrate Sonia Sampofu who informed him that it is his right to engage a legal representative of his choice at his own cost to advise him on both points of law and facts during the trial before court.

Prosecutor Michael Munika said the State objects to bail as more charges are still being added to the accused’s case.

Further indicating reasons for denying bail, Munika said the State fears the accused might be a flight risk and that he will interfere with witnesses as well as with police investigations.

According to the charge sheet, the accused in 2020 allegedly wrongfully, unlawfully and falsely defrauded a woman by the name of Renilde Kudumo of N.dollars 289 000 by convincing her to invest in Trongrace cryptocurrency.

Kudumo who is one of the complainants who opened a case against the accused, allegedly never got her money back.

Meanwhile the accused remains in custody, while his case has been postponed to 11 May 2023.

He is represented by Kadhila Amoomo Legal Practitioners.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency