Roaming Katima Mulilo lions killed three cows

WINDHOEK: The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism on Tuesday confirmed that the two stray lions observed in the surrounding areas of Katima Mulilo killed three cows on Monday.

The lioness is still at large, but her mate was shot and killed by nature conservation officers on Monday.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, told Nampa on Tuesday that the ministry will pay an amount of N.dollars 3 000 per cow to the farmers as per the human-wildlife conflict (HWC) policy.

He also revealed that the ministry is awaiting a report and recommendations from officials in the Zambezi Region, to make a determination about payment to Likando Mamba, who was allegedly attacked by one of the lions on Monday.

‘We do not compensate, however our policy provides for offset or assurance to victims of HWC. Amounts are pre-determined in the policy, whereas injuries are paid at N.dollars 10 000, loss of body parts at N.dollars 30 000, disability at N.dollars 50 000 and funeral assistance at N.dollars 100 000,’ Muyun
da said.

‘Lastly, we just want to urge members of the public to not crowd scenes where nature officials are conducting similar operations given the risk and danger this presents. We have noted with concern that people stand and spectate at close proximity during these operations. We strongly discourage this,’ Muyunda said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency