Road conditions hamper distribution of drought relief food in Oshikoto

Oshikoto Regional Council chairperson Samuel Shivute has said they are experiencing challenges in distributing drought relief food as the condition of some roads limits access to certain areas.

Shivute during the regional disaster risk management committee meeting held on Thursday at Omuthiya said they are finding it difficult to get food to the Nehale Lyampingana constituency.

‘We are planning to use 4×4 government vehicles for the roads where the trucks cannot drive,’ he said.

He also indicated that there is a lack of storage space for relief food in the region, noting that the items have not yet been delivered due to the space limitations.

Shivute said that the food basket as part of the drought relief food programme for different households includes tinned fish, a 12.5kg bag of maize meal, and one bottle of cooking oil.

He urged all councillors to conduct a meeting with the respective headmen in their constituency areas to identify people who are still in need of drought relief food.

‘We must engag
e our community members to give their household numbers to be registered to benefit,’ said Shivute.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency