Post Bank Donates Posho Mill To Machakos Women Group

Post Bank, Machakos Branch has donated a posho mill to Makandi Women Group in Makaveti, Kalama Sub-county, aiming to provide economic empowerment.

Hillary Ng’etich, the Post Bank Manager, Nairobi South, said the Bank gifted the women group with the posho mill for being loyal customers of the Bank.

Ng’etich stated that the decision to gift the women with a posho mill, was influenced by their collective needs since 2015.

Speaking to the media at Makaveti Trading Centre when he handed over the posho mill, Ng’etich said the women will use it to produce chicken feed instead of buying from agro-vets which is costly.

He affirmed that the initiative is part of the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility, activities aimed at empowering women to be self-reliant.

‘Our aim as a Bank is to see you thriving and developing,’ he said, assuring the women group of the bank’s full support and urged them to roll-out other projects and recruit more members for development and prosperity.

The Chairlady of the Group, Ms. Mutho
ki Mulinge, said the provision of the posho mill was timely as the group was in a dire need to produce chicken feed.

Ms. Muthoki said the group that comprises 70 women, will use the posho mill to generate chicken feeds, for themselves and sell the surplus to villagers, hence boosting their income.

She added that they have 1,500 chickens that require to be fed frequently with healthy meals, before they are sold mostly to hotels and households.

Florence Mwongeli, who has been a member of the women group for the past nine years, says the mill will make work easier in producing feed.

‘We were mixing the feeds manually and it requires a lot of labor, we are grateful for the posho mill because we used to use our hands to mix the chicken feed but from now we no longer need to and it will save so much time,’ said Mwongeli.

Source: Kenya News Agency