Poor communication linked to youth unemployment in Omaheke

Young people in Omaheke have expressed concern that the lack of proper communication contributes to youth unemployment in the region.

They raised the concern during a public engagement on the motion on youth unemployment spearheaded by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources and Community Development, on Friday at the Epako community hall in Gobabis.

In the meeting the youth highlighted that there is no reliable communication channel that informs young people about opportunities, saying this contributes immensely to the unemployment in the region.

Another issue that came out is the skills gap, as what is being taught in formal education does not consider what the industries need, leaving many skilled young people in the region unemployed.

Jacob Hikuama, a youth activist and a young farmer highlighted the need for a vocational training centre to acquire the needed skills and ultimately change the status quo of youth unemployment in the region.

“If you go around the country you will see vocational training centres, but we do not have them here in the Omaheke Region. We have Farm Du Plessis with a government building standing idle there, why can the government not use that for a vocational centre, instead, because there is nothing currently happening there,” he suggested.

The youth went on to ask for flexible requirements when they apply for loans from banks especially the Development Bank of Namibia and Agribank, as according to them this will curb the issue of unemployment.

They further want the government to reconsider the requirements for the new promising green hydrogen scholarship programme which they say is only targeting those with certain criteria instead of all young people with or without qualifications to go and study.

Elifas Dingara, the vice-chairperson of the standing committee said he is excited that young people have participated in this consultation, and promised that the committee will make sure that the report comes out as soon as possible and the implementation is fast-tracked.

“What we are basically doing is to get the contribution from the Namibian people so that we assist the parliament to make informed decisions, to make the law on youth unemployment. The committee will do all it can to ensure that all the implementation of these reports are effective and efficient,” he said.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency