Physical exercises key to mental fitness, balanced lifestyle – Experts

Fitness and Wellness Experts have emphasised the crucial role of physical exercise in promoting mental health and balanced lifestyle.

They gave the advice during a Fitness and Wellness Awareness session, hosted by the FitMyke Fitness Foundation, in collaboration with Evolve 360 Gym in Abuja.

A guest speaker and health expert, Aisha Bubah, in her presentation, emphasised practical strategies for integrating exercise into everyday routines.

Bubah said that even small changes, like daily stretching or short workouts, could lead to significant improvements in overall mental health of an individual.

She encouraged the participants to make exercise a regular part of their lives.

Earlier, the founder of FitMyke Fitness Foundation, Michael Uwejeyan, had emphasised the importance of such initiatives in promoting a balanced lifestyle.

Uwejeyan said the goal was to create events that encouraged physical fitness and to also highlight the integral role of exercise in maintaining overall mental health.

‘We are thril
led with the positive response and the level of engagement from our community.

‘It is clear there is a strong desire to learn about the benefits of exercise for overall well-being, and we are committed to continuing these efforts to support our community’s health.’

‘The foundation plans to offer follow-up sessions and additional resources to ensure ongoing support for its members and the broader community.

‘This event marks a significant step towards promoting a more integrated approach to mental health and overall wellness, reinforcing the message that exercise is a key component of a balanced lifestyle.

‘FitMyke Fitness Foundation has a longstanding history of organising health-related awareness programmes. Beyond this recent event, the Foundation has hosted awareness programmes for various health related issues, aiming to improve individual wellbeing,’ he said.

The event featured a variety of activities designed to engage participants and highlight the importance of regular exercise.

Expert trainers
led an invigorating workout session, demonstrating various techniques and routines that attendees could incorporate into their daily lives.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria