Parliament Speaker expresses sadness at Queen Nhacatolo’s death

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Carolina Cerqueira, expressed dismay Sunday, in Luanda province, due to the death of Queen Nhacatolo Tchilombo, who died Saturday, victim of illness, in a health unit in Luanda.

ANGOP learnt that in a message of condolence addressed to the family, Carolina Cerqueira said that the sovereign of the Luvale people, throughout her life stood out as a woman of great courage, committed to improving the living conditions of the people of Alto Zambeze and the eastern region of Angola.

According to her, Queen Nhacatolo carried out her activity with a great sense of patriotic duty, wisdom and respect for the noblest desires of the homeland and became the fearless guardian of tradition and the rich culture and habits of her people.

“With her death, Angola loses an outstanding figure of traditional power and an insignificant daughter of the Motherland”, says the message.

Carolina Cerqueira considers the Queen Nhacatolo Tchilombo a figure of an easy-going person, example of perspicacity and great tenacity, adding that she leaves a great legacy of leadership and humility that should serve as an example for future generations and an inspiration for young women.

“We pay her our most respectful tribute and hope that her name will remain everlasting in the history of Angola, which she served in a heroic and patriotic way”, reinforces Carolina Cerqueira.

The 86 year-old ruler, was living in the Cavungo commune of the municipality of Alto Zambeze and became Queen of the Luvale tribe in 2004, replacing the Queen Khakatolo Tchissengo who died in 1992

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)