Palestine calls for independent commission of inquiry on Gaza attack

The Palestinian Ambassador in Nigeria, Abu Shawesh, has called on the United Nations and African Union to set up an independent commission of inquiry on Tuesday’s attack on a hospital in Gaza.

The Envoy made the call on Wednesday in Abuja while addressing newsmen on the attack.

He said that women and children were mostly killed when Israeli Air Force jets allegedly struck the Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

Shawesh said that the hospital, which was located side by side with the Baptist Church, had served as a safe haven for families displaced by the ongoing war.

He also said that calls by the Israeli authorities for people to evacuate the hospital was rejected by medical personnel of the hospital, who said doing so would amount to slow killing of sick and injured patients receiving health services.

He allegedly said that “before the end of Tuesday at 5:30 pm (Jerusalem time), Israeli occupation war aircrafts bombed the Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

“The displaced families believed that this hospital was completely immune from military attacks, in accordance with international law.

“The death toll of the Palestinians in this massacre has so far reached about 900 people; the majority of them are women and children, in addition to several hundreds wounded.

“Since Oct. 7, the death toll on the Palestinian side is more than 3000, of which two to three are children and women and more than a thousand are still missing under the rubbles.

“I call for a humanitarian court to be set up by an independent body such as the United Nations and African Union aside from the west.

“Many Western media outlets are waging a dirty war against the Palestinian people by broadcasting and distributing dozens of false and fake news,” he added. (NAN)(

Source: News Agency of Nigeria