Otjozondjupa Regional Council addresses disciplinary concerns amongst staff

OTJIWARONGO: Employees of the Otjozondjupa Regional Council were on Friday accused of indiscipline, untidiness and frequent absenteeism during working hours during a staff meeting.

The chairperson of the Otjozondjupa Regional Council, Marlayn Mbakera, addressed the nearly 100 employees during the meeting held at the head office in Otjiwarongo.

Mbakera said 2024 will bring changes for officials who lock their offices and vanish during working hours.

She said she has found out that some regional council offices are locked during working hours, sometimes with the lights left on, while the official is nowhere to be found in the building.

‘At a point we discovered that these government offices were locked while the officials were locked inside, in some cases with government documents also on the inside. These officials apparently have become very important people who are untouchable. We will have to start charging them this year,’ Mbakera said.

Chief Regional Officer, Agatha Mweti said she is concerned about
unhygienic practices in and outside offices at the newly constructed regional council building.

‘This is forcing us to start planning a cleaning campaign day for all regional council officials in order to create a clean and hygienic environment,’ she said.

Mweti also proposed a programme that would instill a culture of cleanliness amongst staff members.

The Director of Finance and Administration, Shilongo Alweendo on his part said some employees go on leave without submitting the necessary paperwork.

He said absenteeism at the regional council is a big problem that requires a lasting solution.

The nearly 100 employees were given two opportunities to comment and ask questions, but chose not to speak.

Source: Namibia Press Agency