Otjozondjupa Region Launches Festive Road Safety Campaign

Otjiwarongo – The Otjozondjupa Region’s annual festive road safety campaign was launched at the B1 police roadblock outside Otjiwarongo on Wednesday. Governor James Uerikua officiated the event, emphasizing the importance of adhering to traffic rules and regulations, particularly on the busy Okahandja-Otjiwarongo and Otjiwarongo-Otavi national road sections. The campaign, involving NamPol, traffic inspectors, local traffic officers, and emergency officials, will run from 17 November 2023 to 16 January 2024. It aims to curb drunk driving, speeding, reckless and negligent driving, and ensure vehicle and driver fitness. Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Heinrich Tjiveze, highlighted the focus on other critical roads, including the B8 and C33 highways.

According to Namibian Press Agency (NAMPA), Additionally, a temporary emergency clinic will operate between Otjiwarongo and Okahandja. The event also saw the distribution of three newly acquired NamPol traffic pick-ups for patrolling in Okakarara, Otjiwarongo, and Grootfontein. Otjiwarongo Mayor, Gottlieb Shivute, issued a stern warning against bribery among traffic officials involved in the operation.