Otjinene Village Council service 17 plots in 2023

OTJINENE: The Otjinene Village Council has serviced only 17 plots worth N.dollars 1.7 million in the prime area of that village during this year due to a lack of funds.

This is according to the village council chairperson, Sylvester Kavita, who in an interview with Nampa on Monday said they only serviced a few plots because they do not have enough capital as the servicing of plots is an expensive exercise.

Kavita also said Otjinene has attracted a lot of investors such as Shoprite, Bargains building suppliers among others.

Thus, according to Kavita most of the infrastructural development comes from these investors and not from the village council.

‘When it comes to developmental projects this year, it was more from the investors, like Shoprite, Agri-mark and bargain building suppliers which were also build this year. Those are the buildings that we are seeing in our village.

Our focus was on road infrastructure, where we have constructed low bitumen in a few of our streets. This is part of a five-year pl
an to ensure that all our streets are bitumen and move away from the gravel roads,’ he said.

Kavita further revealed to this agency that the village council has availed land for the establishment of a Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Park and urged those who are into small businesses to apply in order to be placed in the new market place that will be done late next year.

This, he said, is part of the council’s efforts to remove those who are operating in open spaces in the village, adding that these vendors obstruct the movement of people around the village.

‘We have set aside an amount of N.dollars 100 000 earmarked for the SME Park. There is already a toilet there, the place is fenced off and we have received more than 200 applications from interested vendors who want to move into the new business space,’ he said.

Kavita further urged people in the village to be more welcoming to visitors and respect each other during the festive season.
Source: The Namibia Press Agency