Onhokolo Market second accused granted bail

A second suspect involved in the Onhokolo Market theft at Endola, Matheus Amukoshi, accused of stealing N.dollars 365 000 was granted bail of N.dollars 5 000 after making his first court appearance at the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old Amukoshi is facing a charge of theft alongside his co-accused Olivia Kashamba, a 30-year-old employee of Onhokolo Market, who made her first appearance in the same court earlier this month, where she was also granted bail of N.dollars 5 000.

Magistrate Siegfried Geiseb postponed the matter to 03 June 2024 for the completion of police investigations.

Amukoshi was arrested on Monday, after a three-week search.

Amukoshi pleaded not guilty and opted to conduct his own defence.

Prosecutor Hiskia Uugwanga represented the State.

It is alleged that the accused committed the crime between 01 March and 21 October 2023 at Onhokolo Market in the Oshakati district by wrongfully, unlawfully and intentionally stealing N.dollars 365 314.93 from company owner, Sim
on Naeman.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency