Ongwediva mayor retains position

Taarah Shalyefu has been re-elected as Ongwediva mayor and will lead the council for the next 12 months.

His fellow Swapo councillor, Ulalia Katonyala, retained her position as deputy mayor of the town, while Naemi Amuthenu (Swapo), Jona Helao (IPC) and Fabiam George (Swapo) remain members of the management committee.

Meanwhile, Mathews Tiyaho and Ottillie Haitota, both from IPC, are ordinary members of the seven-member Ongwediva Town Council office bearers.

George was also re-elected as chairperson of the management committee.

In his acceptance speech, Shalyefu reaffirmed his commitment to continue advocating for hard work, innovation and improved corporate governance, particularly accountability, integrity and transparency as they render services to the people.

‘We have a number of important issues that require our collective inputs and decisions. Looking at concerns, complaints and outstanding issues related to land distribution in the town is evident that we should think fast and find solutions to t
hese problems,’ he said.

Shalyefu indicated that their role in ensuring that they guide and advocate for development from Government has never been more important than it is right now.

According to Shalyefu, although this assignment is somewhat challenging, with the support of fellow councillors, they will make a significant difference in the leadership arena.

He stated that as councillors they should always be mindful that the electorate expects quality service delivery and support from them, and they consistently expect them to listen to them when they approach them, therefore they should deliver to the best of their abilities.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency