NYC chairperson encourages Grade 11 learners to further their studies

TSINTSABIS: The chairperson of the National Youth Council (NYC) in the Oshikoto Region, Martin Antindi, has encouraged Grade 11 learners who have passed, to pursue Grade 12 to increase their chances at tertiary institutions.

Antindi, in an interview with Nampa on Monday, said Grade 11 learners with three C-symbols or more in their subjects should continue to Advanced Subsidiary (AS) studies to secure admission to institutions like the University of Namibia.

‘Learners meeting the AS requirements should do so because institutions like UNAM strictly require a Grade 12 certificate,’ he noted.

Antindi urged learners not to rush into courses that are not related to the careers they want in future, but to pursue AS level if they meet the requirements. Some Grade 11 candidates who achieved 20 points and above in at least five subjects may qualify for degree and diploma courses at higher learning institutions, he added.

‘For those who do not qualify, they should not give up on their lives or academic studies; they
should strive for improvement,’ the chairperson emphasised.

He pointed out that there are numerous institutions offering opportunities for improvement and symbol upgrades for Grade 11 and stressed the importance of Grade 11 candidates who could not advance to Grade 12 improving their symbols to apply for AS level in future.

Antindi further insisted that young people should centre their lives around education.

‘Education is increasingly the gateway to numerous opportunities. I encourage young people not to abandon their education. Even without immediate employment, science, mathematics, and commerce can create opportunities for self-development,’ he said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency