Notorious fugitive ‘Nine’ Masule escapes custody again

KATIMA MULILO: Serial escapee ‘Nine’ Masule and 10 other inmates escaped from prison at Katima Mulilo in the early hours of Monday.

The eleven suspects cut through the roof of a cell with an unknown object before escaping, the spokesperson of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) for the Zambezi Region, Inspector Kisco Sitali, said.

Three of the escapees were re-arrested on Monday while the other eight, including Rick Mutolwa ‘Nine Masule’, were still at large.

The suspects are all awaiting trial on various charges such as house breaking and robberies cases and are said to be dangerous.

Masule is serving a five-year jail term for escaping from lawful custody while awaiting trial on eight charges emanating from various offences, including two murder charges; two counts of rape, and three of housebreaking.

Masule has previously outwitted the police on three occasions when he escaped from prison. In the second incident in October 2015, he was only rearrested after six months. He also escaped from custody in Oc
tober 2021 and was arrested within 24 hours.

Hundreds of people at Katima Mulilo converged on the police station to see for themselves that he had indeed been rearrested in 2021.

On that occasion, Masule was said to have been posting audio clips on the internet threatening police officers and their informers with death.

Meanwhile, Inspector Sitali called on the public not to panic and gave his assurance that his team is working hard on the matters.

He also urged anyone with information that could lead to the re-arrest of the escapees, to contact the police

Source: The Namibia Press Agency