No child will be denied placement: Maemeko-Munembo

KATIMA MULILO: Deputy Director of Education in the Zambezi Region, Norah Maemeko-Munembo, has declared that no child will be denied school placement this year.

Maemeko-Munembo revealed that despite the completion of the school admission process from June to September last year (2023), there are still students seeking new school placements for the current year.

In an interview with Nampa on Wednesday, the Deputy Director noted that while classes could have fully resumed on Monday, the presence of new learners requiring placement means normal school classes may only recommence from next week Monday.

‘The challenge that we face is that parents hardly comply with our requests to begin applying for admission for their children on time. The whole year they will just sit and wait for the following year, and they will start rushing in search of school placements,’ she stated.

Furthermore, she said that placements in rural schools have been sorted out, with challenges remaining only for those in urban areas, where
many parents insist on specific schools.

‘When we visited Caprivi Senior Secondary School (CSSS) yesterday, I came across two hundred parents wanting their children to get places there. However, it’s not possible to accommodate all those because we have designated CSSS as our project school of excellence, and therefore only learners with points from 30 and above will be considered,’ argued Maemeko-Munembo.

The deputy director urged parents still seeking school placements for their children to visit the circuit inspector’s office this week to ensure that learners do not miss out on classes, which have already commenced for those placed in classes.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency