NFCPT embarks on wider distribution project

In an effort to ensure that fish is distributed to more consumers across the country, the Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) has partnered with selected third parties.

The partnership, which involved 13 distribution agents from 11 regions, was established through a pilot Agency Distribution Project (ADP) with agreements signed in Walvis Bay on Friday.

According to NFCPT Chief Executive Officer, Victor Pea, the pilot project was initiated after NFCPT realised that its expansion had made it difficult for small fish distributors in towns where it operates to compete with the trust, leading to some businesses closing or experiencing a decline in their fish sales.

‘While NFCPT expanded and saw an increase in fish distribution year-on-year, our growth inadvertently isolated us and somewhat conflicted with our aim to make fish more accessible to Namibians. Therefore, in 2017, when we were formulating the new Strategic Plan, management proposed a change in mission, shifting from aspiring ‘To be the p
referred fish distributor in Namibia’ to being ‘The catalyst for fish consumption for a healthy Namibia’,’ Pea explained.

He added that this change in focus means NFCPT is transitioning from being competitive to being collaborative and empowering, and it is this shift that gave rise to the idea for the ADP. The Distribution Model, with an initial investment of N.dollars 807,200, is a collaboration between NFCPT and the Namibia University of Science and Technology’s Business Innovation Institute.

Phase 1 of this project took place in 2022, where an information and training session was held for interested individuals, who subsequently applied for selection as agents.

The agents comprise 13 companies, ensuring, according to Pea, good gender and youth representation.

Chairperson of the NFCPT Board of Trustees, Suzan Ndjaleka, noted that during the project spanning over six months, NFCPT will evaluate the financial viability and performance of the 13 distribution agents.

‘The data collection during the pilot
phase will be crucial, not only for deciding whether to fully implement this project, but also to assess what kind of support is necessary for a successful partnership between NFCPT and distributors,’ she stated.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency