NBL unveils annual consumption awareness initiative

WINDHOEK: Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) on Monday unveiled its comprehensive annual responsible consumption awareness initiative titled ‘Take a Second’ and pledged N.dollars 200 000 to support road safety initiatives countrywide.

NBL included an additional N.dollars 90 000 to the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) for refreshments at roadblocks and contributions to the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund’s (MVA) road safety awareness efforts.

In a statement availed here, NBL Corporate Affairs Manager, Surihe Gaomas-Guchu said the campaign aims to foster positive shifts in social attitudes towards alcohol consumption and instill a greater sense of accountability across Namibian communities.

‘Take a Second addresses the imperative need to normalise responsible alcohol consumption behaviours and eradicate anti-social actions associated with excessive drinking. The campaign strategical targets two key demographics; the vibrant youth embracing life to the fullest and more moderate, responsible consumers who participate i
n alcohol consumption during social occasions,’ she said.

Building upon the success of the NBL’s success of 2021 ‘Be the One’ campaign which celebrated responsible consumption choices, the ‘Take a Second’ campaign urges individuals to pause and make responsible decisions surrounding alcohol consumption.

Moreover, NBL Managing Director, Peter Simons said that in alignment with the NBL’s commitment to responsible consumption, NBL promotes moderation, and balanced lifestyles, and actively collaborates with partners to curb harmful drinking practices such as excessive consumption, drunk driving, drinking during pregnancy, and under-age drinking.
Source: The Namibia Press Agency