NamPol urges public to report rape cases

The police in the Oshikoto Region have urged the public to report rape cases to their nearest police station after they recorded 41 cases of rape in two months.

The Namibian Police Force’s (NamPol) Chief Inspector of Community Affairs in the region, Ellen Nehale-Kangulu, in an interview with Nampa on Friday said the public should help the police in combating crime in their communities by reporting crimes to the nearest police station.

‘We request the general public to open up about the crimes happening in their areas so we can stop them from increasing,’ Nehale-Kangulu said.

The chief inspector said 14 rape cases were reported in December 2023 and 27 in January 2024, making it a total of 41 rape cases in the region over two months.

She also encouraged parents to build good relationships with their children so they can communicate openly with them.

‘Parents must take care of their children and have a good relationship with them so the children can tell them what is happening in their world,’ said Nehale-
Kangulu, before adding that parents or caregivers should not leave children with people they do not trust.

‘Let us be careful when we leave our children, even in the hands of siblings, uncles, fathers, and grandfathers,’ she said.

Nehale-Kangulu further emphasised that when parents recruit employees, they should know their full names and contact details of their family members so they can trace them when something goes wrong.

‘We should know our employees’ names and also where they come from if possible. Let us have the contact details of their relatives so that we know them very well when something critical happens,’ she said.

Nehale-Kangulu in conclusion said it is not only girls who fall victim to sexual abuse.

‘The victims are not just girls, but also people living with disabilities and young boys,’ she said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency