NamPol conducting two operations to limit traffic accidents

OMUTHIYA: The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) from the Oshikoto Region are conducting two operational orders in support of the 34th independence celebration on 21 March 2024 and the midterm school break.

The first operational order is called operation ‘Tukuluho’ and started at Omuthiya on 19 March till 24 March 2024 while ‘Tsela Tshweu’ started on 19 March till 02 April 2024.

NamPol Deputy Commissioner of Crime Prevention in Oshikoto, Wynand Neels said that the objective of Tukuluho, which means independence in Silozi, is to protect life and property by maximum security before, during and after the commemoration of the 34th Independence Commemoration.

‘We want to mount massive checkpoints through crime intelligence-led, intensified operations and visible policing focusing on crime hotspot areas,’ said Neels.

He added that they want to enhance road safety and reduce fatalities on public roads by focusing on moving traffic violations, driving under the influence of alcohol, inconsiderate driving, overloading
, and unroadworthy vehicles.

‘We want to provide a safe and secure environment for our citizens and visitors during the period,’ said Neels.

Furthermore, Neels said operation Tsela Tshweu which means travel safe in Setswana, aims to preserve road safety along national roads aimed at bringing normalcy to the current situation and to save lives and property of all people in Oshikoto.

He said that the joint crime prevention and road safety operation will be conducted in all policing areas in the Oshikoto Region concentrating on crime-prone areas.

‘Sporadic and surprise stop-and-search roadblocks should be conducted along all roads covering the accident-prone zones and introducing crime awareness campaigns and sharing it with the public through media networks,’ he said.

Neels also pointed out that the government has been receiving threats from a group led by the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters and one of its members, activist Michael Amushelelo by boycotting the envisaged independence celebrations.

threaten to stage a demonstration against unemployment countrywide on 21 March 2024 aiming to instigate the nation,’ said Neels.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency