Namibians flock to buy affordable fish

Hundreds of Namibians have been flocking to the NovaNam exhibit at the Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show (WIAS), which is currently underway, with the intention of purchasing the fish at what most describe as very affordable prices.

WIAS began last Friday and is scheduled to end on Saturday.

NovaNam is one of over 200 exhibitors at the show, including three international exhibitors from Tanzania, Ghana and South Africa, with its display drawing a large number of Namibians buying fish in bulk.

NovaNam is a subsidiary of the Pescanova Group of Companies, which operates one of the world’s largest fishing fleets.

In an interview with Nampa on Thursday, NovaNam spokesman Robertha Jansen said this is the third year NovaNam is presenting its products at the WIAS and each year they draw hundreds of Namibians who support the brand.

According to Jansen, because NovaNam does not have a store in central and northern Namibia, most Namibians take advantage of the opportunity to visit their stand every year and buy as much fish as they can.

“Our goal is to export fish. We do not sell to the locals. That is why we use expos and agricultural events in Namibia to provide locals the option to purchase fish from us,” she explained.

She noted that Namibians come to their stand because the prices are very low. She also stated that despite having the support of so many Namibians, they do not sell to make a profit, but rather to deliver a product to Namibians who do not have access to it at an accessible price.

“This is our way of giving something back to Namibians. Our price list is set up in such a way that the fish is affordable to every Namibian. Putting up a stall and selling fish at a reasonable price is part of our corporate social obligation,” she said.

NovaNam was founded in Lüderitz in 1990 with the primary goal of localising and growing Namibia’s deep-sea trawl business. NovaNam catches its principle species, hake, with accompanying species such as monk, kingklip, angelfish, gurnards, jacopever, squid, octopus and ribbon fish.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency