Namibia has to spend US dollars 15 billion for climate adaptation and mitigation

WINDHOEK: Namibia has to spend US dollars 15 billion for climate adaptation and mitigation, press secretary in the Office of the President, Alfredo Hengari, has said.

Hengari made this remark on Thursday at the information sharing session on the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP28) and the end of the year of revival.

‘This year, at COP28, Namibia basically was affirmed as one of the emerging green energy superpowers in Africa and that was the message of President Hage Geingob to say, we are ready. We have started the green hydrogen journey. Projects are already off the ground, and we are hopeful that this project will succeed,’ he said.

He added that the sixth report of the intergovernmental parliament on climate change listed Namibia as one of the countries in Southern Africa that are severely affected by climate change, particularly with regards to agricultural production, thereby compromising food security.

‘The government has availed over N.dollars 600 million for that endeavour but w
e are not just stating the problem,’ he said, adding that Namibia provided nationally determined contributions.

The US government has pledged U.S.dollars 3 billion towards dealing with the climate emergency. These funds are not for Namibia, yet Namibia has access to such monies.

COP28 was the 28th annual United Nations climate meeting, where governments discussed how to limit and prepare for future climate change. It was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 30 November to 12 December 2023.
Source: The Namibia Press Agency