Ministry of Education draws attention to teachers

Angolan minister of Education Luísa Grilo Tuesday said that valuing of human capital, with stress to the teachers, represents the Executive’s main challenge.

Luísa Grilo acknowledged this while speaking at the opening ceremony of the sector’s First Consultative Council held in municipality of Luau, eastern Moxico province.

The minister pledged the Executive commitment to continue working toward achieving and overcoming “the great challenges of the sector”, including that of appreciation of human capital, mainly the teachers.

In addition to this challenge, Luísa Grilo also spoke of tackling the problem of educational infrastructures to cater for the children outside the education system.

In her speech, she also spoke of the need to reduce the teacher-student ratio, “urgently” eliminate precarious classrooms and overcome the quality of learning.

She also said that the quality of teaching will be implemented in the review of the curriculum policy and other components, as well as due attention to the management model of the national assessment system and other domains.

As for the meeting, the minister said that she will analyse, among others, the causes and consequences of violence in public and private schools in the country, prevention and mitigation strategies, so that students find a peaceful, familiar and supportive environment at school, where the values of good and healthy coexistence are promoted.

Luísa Grilo said the event serves to promote a reflection on the paths of human resource management, in addition to reinforcing the Executive’s idea of continuing to train staff, so that the duties of primary education teaching staff are guaranteed by qualified teachers.

In turn, the governor of Moxico, Ernesto Muangala, asked the MED for more investment in the region, especially in the construction of technical schools in the interior unicipalities.

The two-day meeting will enable the more than 200 participants to address various issues, such as the national school calendar, expansion of the programme for pre-school and early childhood education, among other matters.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)