Ministry emphasises multi-sectoral approach to addressing public health challenges

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare says addressing public health challenges

requires a multi-sectoral approach that recognises the intricate interplay between various determinants of health.

Dr Binyerem Ukaire, the Director and Head, Family Health Department in the ministry, said this in Abuja during a two-day

National Health Promotion Stakeholders workshop.

Ukaire, who was represented by Mrs Chinyere Ogbonna, the Deputy Director, Health Promotion Department of Family Health,

said the workshop was to review and refine the National Health Promotion Coordination Framework.

According to her, it is a critical aspect of public health that enables people to increase control over their health and its determinants.

She said ‘the purpose of the workshop is to develop a framework, identify gaps and develop strategies to enhance effectiveness.’

She explained that ‘health promotion efforts cannot be siloed within the healthcare sector alone; instead, it must engage multiple

sectors such as education, envi
ronment, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), as well as


She said that such would create supportive environment that foster health and well-being.

‘This integrated approach acknowledges the role this sector plays in influencing individual and community health outcomes.

‘It is about empowering communities, improving health literacy, and creating supportive environments for healthy living,’ she said.

The director said Nigeria faced numerous health challenges, including communicable and non-communicable diseases,

maternal and child health issues, and lifestyle-related conditions.

According to her, addressing these challenges require a well-coordinated and robust framework to tackle.

‘Therefore, the development of the National Health Promotion Coordination Framework (NHPCF) is a process of establishing

strategic approach toward the prevention of public health issues in Nigeria.

‘Building the foundation to drive health promotion in effective multi-sectoral partnership and coordinated action,

stakeholders in advancing the nation’s health agenda as well as harnessing resources.

‘It is important to mention that the ministry has given a strategic focus and direction, carefully presented in the strategic blueprint.

‘On this backdrop, the ministry, in collaboration with key stakeholders, must provide policy enabling environment for

successful implemention of this strategic blueprint,’ she said.

During his representation, Mr William Anyebe, the Executive Coordinator, Treeshade Associate Nigeria Ltd, said that the specific

objective of the framework was to facilitate efficient coordination and harmonisation.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria