Minister urges young people to respect country authorities

Angolan minister of Interior Eugénio César Laborinho Friday in Luanda appealed to young people to respect the instituted authorities, avoiding insults and contempt.

Delivering his speech at the opening ceremony of the conference on “The role of youth in public security”, the minister regretted the fact that in recent times there have been some cases of disrespect against State authorities.

He quoted the example of popularization of the image and good name of public entities, as well as natural persons in terms of social networks.

In the field of public security, Eugénio César Laborinho called for the participation of all young people in social actions and strategies aimed at creating a harmonious and stable environment in the country.

“The future of our security depends on us, both national and foreign citizens, businessmen, politicians, religious, social activists and academics”, he underlined.

As for the debate on the theme of the meeting, the minister considered it a foundation for building a strong and cohesive society, based on diversity, difference and mutual respect.

In this context, he urged young people to refrain from taking justice into their own hands, as well as acts that put their physical integrity and their own lives at risk, such as the excessive use of alcohol, drugs, prostitution and feuds.

Participating in the conference on “The role of youth in public security”, secretaries of State, National Police commanders, MPs of the National Assembly and young people from youth movements.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)