Migratory red locusts in Zambezi

KATIMA MULILO: Farmers and members of the public are informed and warned of the presence of African migratory red locusts in some parts of the Zambezi Region’s river field areas and Ohangwena Region, respectively.

In a media release by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform dated 07 March 2024, the African migratory red locusts have been detected and reported, as of 29 February 2024, in the Zambezi Region notably at Lake Liambezi and Old Masokotwani, destroying maize crops. The locusts are reported to be in the hopper and flying stages, respectively. To date 10 hectares have been destroyed by the locusts.

Furthermore, farmers in the surrounding areas such as Kapani, Kanono, Linyanti, Nakabolelwa, Masikili, Ngoma, Isuswa, Ioma, Mutikitila, Ibbu, Mahundu, Ngala, Chinchimae, Singobeka, Maunga, Sangwali and Oshikunde village in the Oshikunde Constituency are urged to be on the lookout and report any notable locust outbreak to the ministry or constituency office.

Locusts pose a serious threat to cro
ps in general and river field crops and livestock grazing areas.

Meanwhile, the ministry is said to have deployed extension officials to intensify surveillance to monitor and assess the situation and are advised to commence with ground spraying in the affected areas.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency