Mbumba advocates for equitable pay and secure working environments for workers

President Nangolo Mbumba said that it is crucial that Namibia put in relentless effort to create a society that values, safeguards and provides equitable pay, secure working environments and career development for every worker.

Mbumba made these remarks in a media statement on the celebration of the 2024 Workers’ Day, saying it is undeniable that social justice and decent work are not mere ideals but rather essential rights that should be granted to every individual.

‘Through our commitment to social justice and creating opportunities for decent work, we are building a society that is fair and inclusive, allowing all Namibians to flourish. On this occasion, we celebrate the Namibian labour movement’s significant role in shaping our struggle for independence and social justice, and we take a moment to reflect on the progress and challenges that persist in labour rights,’ said the president.

He said Namibia’s commitment to upholding labour rights is a cornerstone of its democratic principles and social just
ice, recognising the inherent dignity and value of all workers.

‘Namibia has enshrined labour rights protections within its Constitution and the government has taken deliberate steps to safeguard these rights and protect workers’ welfare across all sectors by enacting robust laws and policies, he added.

Mbumba however recognised that despite the strides made thus far, the country, particularly the labour fraternity, is still confronted by challenges such as unemployment, disproportionately affecting youth, inflation affecting workers’ livelihoods, informal employment and job insecurity.

‘As the nation continues its journey towards sustainable development and prosperity, I implore all stakeholders to direct their efforts towards ensuring the full realisation of labour rights. We must intensify our efforts to foster an environment that treats every worker with dignity, respect, and fairness, where prosperity is shared by all, together, let us build a brighter, more inclusive future for generations to come,’
he said.

The 2024 Workers’ Day is commemorated under the theme; ‘Social Justice and Decent Work for All’, with the main celebration taking place at Rundu in the Kavango East Region.

Source: Namibia Press Agency