LPM holds rally at Rundu

RUNDU: Landless People’s Movement (LPM) President Bernadus Swartbooi said his party is the only one that has publicly disagreed with the budget that is given to towns such as Rundu.

Swartbooi made the remarks during a rally by his party, at Ndama Sewerage Soccer Field at Rundu on Sunday.

‘As we speak, we are also the only party that has said that a new and better building must be constructed for the Rundu Town Council because the building it is currently operating from is dilapidated,’ he said.

Councillors in the Kavango East Region he said are just focused on how well they are dressed instead of finding solutions to the problems in the region.

‘Teachers are not employed and the region is starving as they talk about how expensive the shoe they are wearing is,’ he said.

Swartbooi said in towns where his party is governing, LPM has brought electricity to areas and people that need it most.

The party leader further boasted about the party having the youngest councillors, and mayors in the country.

‘The pa
rty is also making sure that we are bringing women up and we are re-equipping and re-tooling them,’ he said.

He accused a certain political party of receiving funds from the Europeans for paying people N.dollars 200 to join them and then doing nothing for the people afterwards.

Swartbooi encouraged the gathering to take money or food given to them by other political parties but urged them to vote for LPM on 27 November 2024.

‘If the government gives you food, take the food. If they give you money from any other party, take the money and then go vote for LPM,’ he said

The LPM leader called on Namibians in the two Kavango regions to start making a change by exercising their power and voting for a different political party such as LPM.

‘Go and register on 03 June but before that make sure you have your identification card to get a new voters card,’ Swartbooi said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency