LPM fires corrupt leaders, unlike Swapo: Swartbooi

RUNDU: The president of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Bernadus Swartbooi said his party fires those in leadership roles when they are involved in corrupt practices, unlike the ruling party, Swapo.

Swartbooi made these statements during a rally the party held at Ndama in Rundu on Sunday.

‘In the areas the party is governing, when any of our leaders are involved in corrupt practices, we fire them immediately. People say we are an unstable party for doing so. However, we said if we do what Swapo is doing then we are not an honest party,’ he said.

LPM will not allow corruption by its leaders whether from local or regional authorities, he said.

When leaders misbehave they are either told to improve or leave the party.

‘In LPM, if you want to be corrupt, there is another party. Go to that party,’ he stated.

Swartbooi also mentioned that since the last elections in 2020, it has put young people (20 to 35-year-olds) in leadership roles, giving them the necessary attention through training to develop them
into responsible leaders of society.

‘We have said that we cannot postpone the tomorrow for young people. We must take young people without experience and develop society with them,’ he said.

His party, he noted has also developed close relationships with traditional authorities in order to understand the issues in traditional communities.

‘LPM has changed the politics of just wanting votes and each and every ethnic group is a core principle in the party. We have to develop proper leaders that must lead society. If we send leaders into society who do not have love for the people, then they will treat some people better and others not so good,’ he said.

Loving all Namibians equally keeps a leader humble, the party leader said, adding that no leader can come to people that they do not love and serve them honestly.

‘A loving leader will have sleepless nights if his people are hungry, jobless or without housing. He or she will work hard to find solutions to these problems because he or she loves his people.
This message of love is not just for the church but it’s of humanity,’ Swartbooi said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency