Kwale County Out To Transform Maternal And Newborn Healthcare Services

Kwale county government is out to address maternal and newborn health disparities in the coastal county and end maternal mortality.

Governor Fatuma Achani says the devolved government is out to improve the quality of care for maternal, newborn and child health.

Achani says receiving care at health facilities is crucial for maternal and newborn health.

‘As a devolved unit we are out to increase access and coverage of health services for mothers and children to counter the numerous challenges faced by women and newborns during and after childbirths,’ she said.

The governor spoke at the Msambweni Referral Hospital during the groundbreaking ceremony of a Sh36.2 million modern maternity newborn units and child health complex.

She said with the increase in demand for newborn babies who need intensive medical care in Kwale, the county government in partnership with M-PESA foundation has set aside Sh36.2 million for the construction of maternity newborn unit and child health complex at Msambweni Referral Hospita
l in Msambweni Sub County.

Achani noted that the modern newborn unit facility is expected to serve all the residents across the county and improve the quality of care for maternal and newborn health in the region.

‘We requested support from the Safaricom foundation and they responded well to our call and today we have received Sh30 million which will go towards the construction of our newborn unit here in Msambweni hospital,’ she said, adding that the county government topped up with Sh6.2 million.

Achani said the county government will keep on engaging the private sector to deliver quality maternal and newborn healthcare services in the realization of universal health coverage.

The Governor said the new facility would go a long way in alleviating the myriad health challenges expectant mothers faced over the years.

Achani thanked the Safaricom Foundation for supporting the county government in terms of project implementation stating that the new facility will bring a significant change in terms of health
service delivery to the patients across the county and is expected to be complete in 3 months’ time.

‘This project which is being done in collaboration with the M-PESA Foundation, is a testament to my commitment to improving maternal and child healthcare across Kwale,’ said Achani, adding that to achieve universal health coverage the health systems must increase the coverage, quality and equity of interventions.

She says the specialist wings will be equipped with modern facilities that would help reduce the rate of maternal mortality in Kwale.

The coastal county boss revealed that the new facility will be equipped with top-of-the-art amenities including an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), High Dependency Unit (HDU), Kangaroo room, laundry area, and a staff lounge.

‘The ICU and HDU will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology to provide the best possible care to newborns while the Kangaroo room will provide a cozy and comfortable environment for mothers and their babies to bond,’
she said.

She further said the laundry area will ensure that all linen and clothing are clean and hygienic while the staff lounge will provide a comfortable space for hospital staff to rest and recharge.

‘My administration is dedicated to ensuring that every newborn receives the care and support they deserve from day one in a bid to increase the success rate in child survival after birth,’ she said adding that the county government will seek to improve care for women and their babies during pregnancy and childbirth.

She observed that the Msambweni referral hospital will engage qualified health personnel and proper medical equipment to achieve its purpose of ending maternal mortality in the coastal region.

Anne Eriksson, a trustee from the Safaricom Foundation said that they have been partnering with Kwale County on various development projects touching on agriculture, education, water and other economic empowerment sectors.

‘The MPESA foundation has invested over Sh316 million in various development and
community projects in Kwale over the past few years and we will keep on collaborating with the devolved government for the sake of posterity,’ she said.

The governor said the Safaricom Foundation team will come back to Kwale after three months to commission the new maternity and neonatal care unit with emergency and recovery rooms, and delivery wards in Msambweni referral hospital.

Source: Kenya News Agency