Keetmanshoop municipality renames nine streets

The Keetmanshoop Municipality on Thursday renamed nine streets in honour of various individuals that played an important role in the development of the town over the years.

Keetmanshoop Mayor, McDonald Hanse said naming a street is far more than just an administrative task, it is a symbolic gesture that ensures the perpetual remembrance of those who have made significant contributions to society.

‘Today we pay tribute to forward-thinking individuals whose ideas, dedication and tireless efforts have enriched our community, these remarkable individuals have left behind legacies that will continue to inspire generations to come whether through acts of service, innovation or public leadership,’ he said.

He said the true measure of a town lies not only in its infrastructure but also in the strength of its character and resilience of its people.

‘May these streets serve as beacons of hope, symbols of unity and tributes to the enduring legacies of these remarkable individuals. Let us recommit ourselves to build
ing a Keetmanshoop that embodies the values and aspirations for which these individuals stood, let us strive to emulate their passion for progress and their unwavering commitment to the community,’ he said.

One of the beneficiaries, Ingo Klitzke, a businessman and hotelier at the southern town said: ‘I am thankful for the gesture by the municipality to give me such a recognition while I am still alive, Keetmanshoop is my home and will also be my home, its people will also be my people, thank you and I appreciate it.’

Clyde Kröhne, a son to the late Albert Kröhne who a street was named after, said: ‘I see today’s unveiling as a loving gift and I shall proudly stand here proclaiming to all and to generations to come that people like my father were faithful, history has preserved the name of a man who played a pivotal role in the transition of our town, the livelihood of our people and the politics of the day.’

The street name changes are:

Fifth Street in Tseiblaagte renamed after Dr Rev Nicholas Christiaans

First Avenue in the central business district renamed after Bishop Antonio Chimenelo

Nineteenth Street in Tseiblaagte renamed after Pastor Simon Tiboth

Mittel Street in the CBD renamed after Roy Oosthuizen

Fourth Street in the CBD renamed after Hennie Theron

Windhoek Weg Road in Kronlein renamed after Albert Louw

North Street in Kronlein renamed after Albert Kröhne

Twelfth Street in Tseiblaagte renamed after Jonathan Goliath

Cathedral Street in the CBD renamed after Ingo Klitzke

Source: Namibia Press Agency