Kanyanga re-elected as Rundu mayor

Gabriel Kanyanga of the Swapo Party has retained his position as Mayor of Rundu following internal local authority council elections on Friday.

Johanna Kakondo, also from Swapo, was re-elected as the deputy mayor.

The councillors were sworn in on Friday during the event officiated by Rundu magistrate, Selma Shiiga.

Swapo’s Engelbert Muyenga also retained his position as chairperson of the management committee, while Regina Nakare (Swapo) along with Independent Patriots for Change member, Rosalia Nanghuti, were elected as members of the management committee.

Swapo holds the most seats at the Rundu Town Council, accounting for four out of seven seats.

Rundu Urban Community Association technical chairperson, Nicolaus Ndumba, and Reginald Ndara from the Rundu Concerned Citizens Association were sworn in as ordinary councillors.

In his acceptance speech, Kanyanga said the Rundu Town Council has resolved to write off 100 per cent interest that has accumulated on consumers’ debt if they settle it within six m
onths starting 01 December 2023.

‘Together with NamWater, we have this year also drilled four boreholes, three at Kehemu and one at Ndama informal settlements for the purpose of minimising water shortage at the town,’ he said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA)