International Day of Education commemorated in Windhoek

WINDHOEK: The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture commemorated the International Day of Education at Windhoek High School on Friday, under the theme ‘Learning for lasting peace.’

Deputy Minister of Education, Faustina Caley remarked at the event that this year’s theme embraces the many ways learning can empower people and foster peace.

‘As we commemorate this day, let us acknowledge the transformative power of education. It is not merely a means of acquiring knowledge, but a catalyst for change and a force that breaks down barriers and fosters understanding,’ Caley remarked.

Deputy Executive Director of Education, Edda Bohn on her part regarding the theme noted: ‘By putting education at the centre of our peace building efforts, we empower our learners and equip them with the knowledge competencies and attitude to counter hate speech and contribute to global citizenship.’

The deputy director placed heavy emphasis on the extraordinary role children play in the journey towards peace.

‘Today’s youth, our
learners embody the promise of a future shaped by understanding, tolerance and unity,’ Bohn stated.

She also applauded educators for the vital role they play and their commitment towards nurturing not only academic excellence but also instilling values of empathy, compassion and respect.

The commemoration saw a lively debate between the Hage Geingob High School and Eldorado Secondary school, with Eldorado Secondary School walking away as the victor in the debate.

Source: Namibia Press Agency