Iipumbu launches awareness campaign on new Metrology Act

The targeted stakeholder awareness campaign for the Metrology Act No.5 of 2022, aimed at informing and capacitate the public on changes to the metrology legal framework was officially launched here on Friday.

Launching the campaign, Minister of Industrialisation and Trade, Lucia Iipumbu said metrology is of utmost importance as it reinforces quality in manufactured goods and processes through accurate and credible measurements, and provides the basis for fair domestic and international trade.

She said the campaign should be seen in the light of the provision of the Access to Information Act, Act No.8 of 2022, which was enacted to guide the process of information dissemination to the masses and ensure that Namibians are adequately informed on matters that affect their day-to-day livelihood.

The campaign will be workshopped in all 14 regional capitals to guarantee the participation of stakeholders at all levels.

“I urge the leadership structures to jump on this important bandwagon that could unleash some of the untapped economic potential that exists at grassroots level, particularly with small and medium enterprises. Such economic activities have not been explored yet, simply due to lack of relevant information,” Iipumbu said.

Namibia, being a member of the World Trade Organisation, is obliged to consider and implement continuous updates to its policy framework to mitigate the risk of exposing the country to potential threats that are associated with technical barriers to trade, the minister said.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency