Huíla to host 4th edition of Fair of Municipalities and Cities of Angola

At least five thousand citizens from 17 provinces of the country will travel to Lubango, southern Huila Province, in the beginning of August to represent the 164 municipalities at the Fair of Municipalities and Cities of Angola, which will run from 10 to 13 August this year.

The estimate is being put forward by the government authorities, based on confirmations and reservations made in local hotels and similar units, in order to attend the 4th edition of the event, which will also be part of the 121st celebration of the Festivities of Our Lady of the Mount (Nossa Senhora do Monte).

Speaking to ANGOP, the director of the Social Communication Office of Huíla, Luís Garrido stated that 96% of the space made available for the exhibition, which has 7,000 square metre venue, at the Nossa Senhora do Monte stadium, is already filled with reservations from municipalities, ministerial departments, public and private companies.

As for accommodation, Luís Garrido emphasised that Huíla will directly host more than 5,000 people, who in addition to the city of Lubango, will be housed in the nearest municipalities, namely Humpata and Chibia.

Regarding the offer of services, he said that the hotel and similar units are full for the period of the fair, which at the same time will take place the Festivities of Nossa Senhora do Monte.

“The entire catering network is committed to the more than five thousand people that will attend the event. We are prepared and we adivise operators to improve their services in order to have a positive response from the people who’ll request the services”, he said.

The official added that, given the number of visitors the province will receive, the Nossa Senhora do Monte tourist complex is also available.

Luís Garrido stressed that the fair will generate informal employment and awaken operators who provide services such as beauty salons, shops, tailors, designer stylists, among others.

He stressed that the security of the event is ensured by the defence and security forces and with regard to health, the National Institute of Medical Emergencies (INEMA) and the government of Huíla will guarantee it.

The event promoted by the Ministry of Territorial Administration, which had a three-year break due to covid-19, this year returns under the motto “Life is in the municipalities”.

The 4th edition of the fair aims to publicise what has been done in the country and present the social and economic plans of the municipalities and will also serve to hold the Forum of Municipalities and Cities of Angola, scheduled for the 11th, with the aim of discussing issues related to local administration.

Meanwhile, with an extension of 79,022 square kilometres, the province of Huíla has 14 municipalities, namely Lubango capital, Chibia, Gambos, Humpata, Cacula, Quilengues, Caluquembe, Caconda, Chipindo, Chicomba, Quipungo, Matala, Cuvango and Jamba

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)