Huawei, the Winner of “NGON Best New Gamechanger or Innovation” Award and the only Leader of “GlobalData WAN SDN Controller” in 2022

BARCELONA, Spain, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As a global leader in the optical network field, Huawei is committed to driving industry development through technological innovations. Recently, a series of recognition and awards are presented, highlighting the strength and capability of the all-optical autonomous driving network (ADN) solution and its core component iMaster NCE.

Huawei iMaster NCE won the Leader title in the GlobalData Report

According to WAN SDN Controller: Competitive Landscape Assessment released by GlobalData in 2022, Huawei iMaster NCE ranked No. 1 in four items globally and won the only “Leader” title by enhancing capabilities in a series of solutions.

In this competitive analysis, GlobalData further evaluated and analyzed the WAN SDN solution and proposed that the WAN SDN solution will focus on automation. This report rated and analyzed the global top eight suppliers in six dimensions (product coverage, openness, performance, major system components, solution breadth, and deployment preparation) and five levels (Leader, Very Strong, Strong, Competitive, and Vulnerable). The core competitiveness of Huawei iMaster NCE, which ranks No. 1, contains the following three aspects:

  1. A wide range of products covering optical access networks, optical transport networks, enterprise campuses, data centers, and WANs;
  2. Multiple security options and a wide range of open APIs, providing high availability;
  3. Industry-leading learning algorithms and analysis capabilities.

Winning the Best New Gamechanger or Innovation Award in NGON Forum

Huawei won the Best New Gamechanger or Innovation award at the NGON Forum 2022. This award is a recognition of Huawei’s innovation and comprehensive solutions in the optical network field.

The NGON Forum has always been a link to the industry ecosystem, allowing all major players to share latest industry trends, technological innovations, and business successes. Huawei has been in the optical network field for many years with a commitment to drive industry development through technological innovations, while remaining as a global leader. At this forum, Huawei showcased the all-optical autonomous driving network (ADN) solution, a scenario-specific solution in the all-optical network field, which continuously enables optical network autonomy and digital and intelligent network transformations.

The all-optical ADN solution features iMaster NCE as its core component and provides high-quality use cases, such as optical network health assurance, intelligent co-cable detection, and intelligent alarm compression, to facilitate efficient O&M of optical networks and provide deterministic assurance for quality connections. In addition, Huawei’s premium private line solution in the optical network field ushers in the OTN P2MP (Point to Multiple Point) update. This solution has been put into commercial use in many places around the world and is helping carriers to build high-quality optical private lines, improve service quality, and generate promising revenue.

Chu Tao, President of Huawei’s Optical Network Field, said: “Huawei will strive to make strategic investments and perform technological innovation in the all-optical ADN field, helping carriers build automated, self-healing, self-optimizing, and autonomous all-optical networks and bring quality connections to every home and enterprise.”