Head of State designates judges for Supreme Court vacancies

President João Lourenço on Monday designated eight judges to integrate the Supreme Court.

The said justices, also known as counsellor-judges, are Anabela Couto de Castro Valente, António Fernando Neto da Costa, Artur Domingos Gunza, Inácio Paixão, Maria Guiomar Vieira Dias Gamboa Craveiro, Paciência Graça Diaquiesse Dondeiro Simão, Pedro Nazaré Pascoal e Raúl Carlos de Freitas Rodrigues.

According to a note from the President’s Press Office, this presidential move happens in sequence of a proposal made by the Higher Council of the Judicial Magistracy, aimed at filling vacancies in the organ.

Meanwhile, in a different Decree, President João Lourenço dismissed António Fernando Neto da Costa from the position of Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet Council, having appointed, in his stead, José Maria Varela Gomes Borges.

The Head of State also relieved from his duties Francisco João de Carvalho Neto from the position of Presidential Secretary for Judicial and Juridical Matters.

João Lourenço also appointed Edilson Paulo Agostinho to the post of Presidential Secretary for Judicial and Juridical Matters.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)