Group to launch Election AI tool to bridge election information gap

The Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI), an NGO, says it plans to launch an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool, designed to bridge the electoral information gap among Nigerians, particularly youths.

Bukola Idowu, Executive Director, KDI, stated this in a statement on Tuesday in Abuja.

‘Over the years, citizens in Nigeria have been faced with the challenge of misinformation and disinformation in processing electoral data.

‘In a bid to bridge the electoral information gap in Nigeria, the KDI, with the support of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) is elated to announce the development of her innovative Election Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool.

‘ It is designed to bridge the electoral information gap among citizens, particularly the youth.

‘This innovation aims to empower electorates with accessible simplified, accurate, and comprehensive electoral information, advancing informed decision-making in the electoral process.

‘The innovative Election AI tool, which is being developed
by KDI’s Tech4Democracyteam, will serve as a reliable source of electoral information, offering simplified real-time data-driven information.’

He said that the launch would take place on June 13 in Abuja.

‘By leveraging the power of AI, KDI is committed to providing a platform that ensures every citizen has access to accurate information to participate fully in electoral and democratic processes.

‘The Election AI tool represents a significant leap forward in how citizens can understand the election framework from the Constitution, Electoral Act 2022, and INEC Election guidelines among several others.

‘The launch event will take place on June 13, in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)Abuja, and will feature a live demonstration of the tool.

‘KDI is committed to advancing democracy and civic engagement in Nigeria and envisions this Election AI platform will serve as an incentive for driving a positive change in electoral engagement and information dissemination.’

Source: News Agency of Nigeria